Any requirement, our ingredients help create just right structure, bring colors & taste, while optimize production process & ensure that consumers receive nutritious and cost effective end products.


Orkila is an experienced partner within the food industry, offering high quality ingredients from a wide array of world class manufacturers. Our extensive range of ingredients help create structure and texture and offer colors & taste, while optimizing production processes so that consumers receive nutritious and cost effective end products.

Orkila provides solutions from product development and on-site technical support through to the final product which enhances the customer’s competitive edge. Within the food industry, the key is to find the right ingredient, meet the right standards and provide the right solution. As a result of our focus on continuous training, our highly skilled teams are committed to offering superior customer service and keeping up to date with industry trends.

Orkila is committed to encouraging strong relationships between the food producers and ingredient manufacturers, achieving market breakthroughs to generate sustainable & profitable growth. Our extensive international partnerships allow us to utilize new ideas and talents in a way that makes the global food industry less complex.

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