Automotive & Tyre

Orkila is active in the automotive industry by the virtue of our excellent range of reinforcing fillers, precipitated silicas, plastics and silicone products that is supplied by our cautiously selected manufacturing partners. We can boast of a number of globally recognized original equipment manufacturers with whom we have formed strong relationships and equally a large number of global suppliers who are well regarded in the industry.
Orkila offers a range of fillers and plastics for use in the motor industry. Many of our products have global OEM approval for use in this highly technically demanding industry. We are proud to be a valuable contributor to this industry.

Glass, Ceramic & Refractory

As a leading supplier of chemicals to the Glass, Ceramics and Refractory industries, Orkila offers a wide range of potassium derivatives, specialty aluminas and other minerals specifically designed to improve the production process and enhance the thermal and chemical resistance of products used in these industries.

Metal Treatment

Orkila offers products designed to treat the surface of a range of metallic and organic substrates, improving the performance of the finished articles and enhancing their shelf life.

Our products perform an important role, increasing corrosion resistance, improving lubrication properties and enhancing the efficacy of metal working fluid concentrates.


Orkila offers new technologies, challenging solutions and specialty products for the paper industry in a global network of research facilities by paper makers to reduce costs without compromising the product quality. Our major supplier is regarded as the world leader in wet end cationics and produces the best of high quality products. Due to their large raw material base, they are secure in terms of availability of their products.


Orkila represents leading manufacturers in the field and offers a range of additives & auxiliaries for use in a broad spectrum of operations from fiber to finished fabric. The experience gained in the specialized laboratories of our suppliers enables us to develop tailor-made solutions, ensures innovation and reliability and underpins the competent technical service available to all our customers.

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