We are pleased to offer a good range of precipitated silica products including green tire silica HDS grades where our supplier has and still is, the pioneer of this technology. Reinforcing fillers serve to produce longer lasting products and are vital in increasing the stiffness and strength of the rubber or tire compounds.


  • Precipitated silica
    • Our market leading Highly Dispersible (HDS) green tyre Silicas are extremely effective in reducing the rolling resistance of the tyre while maintaining high performance, safety and wear properties which result in lower gas emissions due to more economical fuel consumption. 
    • We can offer HDRS grades for performance tyres – Highly Dispersible Reactive Silicas which balance performance with rubber formulation costs by reacting more selectively with silane coupling agents therefore reducing the quantity of silane needed in the formulation and thereby reducing costs. HDRS are dust free grades due to the micropearl structure.
    • Conventional silicas for tyres.
  • Precipitated silica 
    • We supply a conventional range of silicas suitable for all rubber applications and tyre applications where dispersibility is not a critical factor. The HDs and HDRS grades can also be used in non tyre applications where increased reinforcing properties are required such as flexibility, resistance to cracking and tearing. Applications include flexible hoses
      • powders
      • granules
      • micropearl
  • Carbon black to improve tensile and abrasion properties of the rubber compound


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