We supply a wide range of viscosity and hardness products in accordance with the final applications. Silicone finds application in many areas in automotive due to its versatility: under-hood, drive train, damping, electric/electronic, seams, protection against heat and aggressive agents and insulation and conduction.


Release Agents
  • Multi and single release products for tyre 
  • Mould release agents for tyre manufacture
  • Release agents for general rubber products
Liquid Silicone Elastomers/Resins
  • for gaskets
  • potting
  • encapsulation
  • bonding
  • sealing connections
Heat cured rubbers
  • For gaskets, potting, encapsulation, bonding, sealing connections
  • High heat and chemical resistance for underhood parts
Greases and Pastes
  • for lubrication

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