Orkila represents leading manufacturers in the field and offers a range of additives & auxiliaries for use in a broad spectrum of operations from fiber to finished fabric. The experience gained in the specialized laboratories of our suppliers enables us to develop tailor-made solutions, ensures innovation and reliability and underpins the competent technical service available to all our customers.


For various finishing process applications (towel, woven, garments), Orkila offers a wide range of specialty silicone products (silicone oils, silicone emulsions) and process additives, including antifoams and wetting agents, which ensure excellent compatibility with a wide range of chemical finishing agents. Our products create a wide range of effects such as softness, hydro-philicity, dimensional stability, elasticity, color retention to mention just a few.

Orkila also offers enzymes which provide bio polishing functionality.


Orkila offers a range of additives for textile processes, such as pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing agents, optical brighteners, thickeners, sizing liquids and enzymes.

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