Orkila offers a broad range of high-quality feed additives, sourced from leading manufacturers, to improve food chain efficiency and optimize the animal production process. 

We work closely with our strategic partners to bring solutions to nutritional problems specific to poultry, swine, ruminants, aquaculture and horses.


Orkila offers a broad range of innovative nutritional products used to help producers to improve performances and efficiency on the farm, make gains in production and efficiency by maximizing the health and well-being of the birds and minimize the impact of the industry on the environment. 

In poultry diets, the feed additives are primarily included to improve the efficiency of the bird’s growth and/or laying capacity, prevent disease and improve feed utilization and feed conversion.


Range of innovative nutritional products improving the rearing of calves and the increased efficiency in adult ruminants sought by all farmers:
- Improving rumen function
- Reducing ketosis and digestive problems
- Mastitis & Ketosis Control
- Improving cow’s fertility 


Orkila offers a broad range of proven, innovative and nutritional products targeting the swine sector, that is aimed at the reduction of stress at weaning, countering small litter size and enhanced performance & feed intake with reduced usage of antibiotics.


Range of innovative solutions serving the aquaculture sector specially designed to reduce mortality in young age, improve feed efficiency and increase average daily gain.


A range of products designed to avoid liver and kidneys damage in horses, reducing birth defects, increasing horse immunity & performances during training and competition.

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