Orkila is active in the automotive industry by the virtue of our excellent range of reinforcing fillers, precipitated silicas, plastics and silicone products that is supplied by our cautiously selected manufacturing partners. We can boast of a number of globally recognized original equipment manufacturers with whom we have formed strong relationships and equally a large number of global suppliers who are well regarded in the industry.
Orkila offers a range of fillers and plastics for use in the motor industry. Many of our products have global OEM approval for use in this highly technically demanding industry. We are proud to be a valuable contributor to this industry.


Plastics find their mark in automotive applications due to their light weight, toughness, versatility, corrosion resistance, flexibility and ease of manufacture.

Reinforcing Fillers

We are pleased to offer a good range of precipitated silica products including green tire silica HDS grades where our supplier has and still is, the pioneer of this technology. Reinforcing fillers serve to produce longer lasting products and are vital in increasing the stiffness and strength of the rubber or tire compounds.


We supply a wide range of viscosity and hardness products in accordance with the final applications. Silicone finds application in many areas in automotive due to its versatility: under-hood, drive train, damping, electric/electronic, seams, protection against heat and aggressive agents and insulation and conduction.

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