As a leading supplier to the Home, Industrial and Institutional Care segments, Orkila offers specialty ingredients for powder and liquid detergent manufacturers, cleaning and hygiene formulators in addition to fabric care and surface care producers.

Orkila also offers special formulation assistance supported by internationally known manufacturers with whom we have an exclusive partnership.

We strive to meet each customer’s unique requirements when it comes to viscosity building, foam mileage, softening, antistatic, grease removal & processing performance.

Together with our partners we focus on formulation development, performance enhancement & customer support.

Fabric Care & Softeners

Exclusive range of cationic esterquats, concentrates for fabric softeners for both the home and laundry segments.

Our expertise in the global fabric softener market is translated into products readily biodegradable, used in rinse-added and dryer sheet applications, with attributes that include easy handling properties, instant cold water dispersibility, good rewetting and non-yellowing characteristics and can be employed in household and commercial softening products in a full range of dispersion concentrations.

Laundry Powder Detergent

Wide range of commodities and specialties for the production of powder detergents, together with expertise and formulation advice for both conventional phosphate based powders and the latest technologies incorporating silicates and zeolites.

Our labs and partners are dedicated to provide technical support in chemical and physical analysis, granulation, formulation and washing performance evaluation.

Liquid Detergent

Raw materials and concentrates for low-end liquid detergent formulations, as well as for the higher added value and top-end formulations.

Thanks to Orkila’s close relationship with its suppliers we are well placed to offer solutions to small and medium sized players as well as for market leaders in this field.

Surface Care

Surface care specialties, polymers and waxes for improved product appearance, performance and cost for carpet care, floor care and polishing for leather care.

Our Surface Care polymers improve the appearance, cleaning ability, protective characteristics and overall cost of floor care & carpet care products.

Contact us to find out about your required products so that our specialists can assist you.