Orkila offers products designed to treat the surface of a range of metallic and organic substrates, improving the performance of the finished articles and enhancing their shelf life.

Our products perform an important role, increasing corrosion resistance, improving lubrication properties and enhancing the efficacy of metal working fluid concentrates.

Metal Cleaning

Orkila serves metal cleaning industries by offering a wide range of high-performance solutions among specialty surfactants, cost effective ingredients as like hydro tropes, green solvent and corrosion inhibitor to meet the industry's requirement.

Metal Working

Orkila provides customized solutions for its customers in this market by supplying a range of products to meet safety, toxicological regulation in the world. We offer lubricants for wet drawing as well as anti-wear and extreme pressure additives based on phosphorous technologies. We also recommend the best-in-class corrosion inhibitors for light and heavy metals in addition to emulsifiers.

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