As a leading supplier of chemicals to the oil field industry, we supply customers in both the upstream and downstream market segments.

Orkila offers gelling agents, friction reducers, demulsifying agents, biocides, “green” solvents, clay control chemicals, foaming agents, corrosion inhibitors, cementing additives, surfactants and iron control adjuvants for upstream servicing activities.


‚ÄčOrkila offers a range of additives for well cementing, including fluid loss additives, loss circulation material, cement spacers and retarders.


Performance range of additives for drilling, including foamers, defoamers and pH modifiers.

Green Additives

Orkila offers a wide range of green products in both oilfield market segments.


Wide range of additives for oil production.


Wide range of additives for the refinery, including delayed coker products, as well products to remove trace contaminants and reduce pressure drop. We offer catalysts which cover an extensive range of applications focused on the refining and petrochemical industries.


Range of additives for stimulation, including acidizing and fracturing agents.

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