Wide range of additives for the refinery, including delayed coker products, as well products to remove trace contaminants and reduce pressure drop. We offer catalysts which cover an extensive range of applications focused on the refining and petrochemical industries.


  • Sweetening
Catalysts, Adsorbants and Grading Materials
  • Hydrotreating     
  • Sweetening    
  • Hydrogenation    
  • Isomerization    
  • Reforming    
  • Hydrocracking    
  • Oligomerization    
  • Lube oils and wax    
  • Purification    
  • Sulfur recovery    
  • Condensate & NGL sweetening    
  • LPG purification    
  • Sulfur removal
  • Sweetening    
  • Gas drying    
  • Separation    
  • Conversion (delayed coker & visbreaker)    
  • Extraction of aromatics
  • Bitumen plant

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