Orkila provides a comprehensive range of specialty chemicals & technology solutions for both decorative and industrial purposes to meet the industry’s growing need for sustainable paints and coatings.

In conjunction with our industry partners, our specialists deliver customized technical support and are constantly seeking new, innovative products in anticipation of the ever changing market expectations.

Decorative & Industrial Coatings

Our decorative paint portfolio includes binders, additives, pigments and fillers sourced from market leaders that comply with the highest quality and environmental standards. We also help to create special effect paints by providing various multi-decorative system technologies.

Our industrial paint range includes resins, hardeners, additives and pigments that will increase the efficiency, reduce costs, expand or enhance the performance of the industrial coating products and meet regulatory requirements.

Emulsion Polymerization

Orkila offers specialty surfactants and monomers for emulsion polymerization, together with specialty additives used in formulated final products.

Retail & Industrial Machinery

Orkila provides customized solutions in all aspects of tinting systems including colorants and technical evaluation, together with machines and software for retail and industrial applications.

Contact us to find out about your required products so that our specialists can assist you.