Orkila is one of the leading suppliers of specialty raw materials to the manufacturers of Personal Care products. With an extensive range of high-performance personal care solutions from internationally well-known suppliers, we cater to hair care, skin & sun care and oral care applications.

We offer products, formulation expertise, supporting clinical studies and technical starting formulations. Our portfolio includes specialty and innovative surfactant bases (ECOCERT & ECOLABEL), conditioners, silicones and emollients together with a host of additives and actives. 

Our products not only enhance the visual aspect but bring the sensation of gentleness and cleanliness together with moisturizing power. We work closely with our partners to provide our customers with solutions that bring distinctive benefits, designed to enhance consumer well being.


Color Cosmetics

We offer innovative concepts and solutions to color cosmetic producers of eye, lip and nail products with full range of additives including polymers, silicones & silicas.

We understand that each component plays an essential role in the final product, so it is important to choose ingredients of both superior quality and value, which address nowadays modern-day cosmetic challenges. 

Hair Care

Our hair care range meets the broad-spectrum needs of our customers, enhancing the shine, flow and volume, anti-dandruff, repair, moisturizing, light-feel, rinse-off and leave-on conditioners, oil treatments in addition to a comprehensive range of surfactants, as well as a full range of sulphate free surfactants, polymers, silicones & specialty blends and innovative formulations for shampoos, conditioners, serums and sprays.

Our breakthrough formulations are specifically designed to answer today’s challenging hair care needs, shine and smoothness, color protection, hair repair and moisturizing.

Oral Care

A full range of Precipitated Silicas for toothpaste manufacturers to produce both standard and gel products covering different level of abrasivity, as well as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.

Our Precipitated Silicas are designed to offer superior polishing properties combined with enhanced cleaning performance and compatibility with all formulation ingredients, while the fluoropolymers give dental floss a better resistance to shredding and better lubricity compared to nylon floss.

Skin & Sun Care

Orkila’s portfolio reflects an understanding of our customer’s aspirations for their skin care product formulations, offering various effects and benefits such as emmoliency, skin feel and moisturizing in addition to a full range of ingredients to meet these requirements - emollients, emulsifiers, silicones, specialty stearic acid derivatives, extracts, fragrances and other additives in addition to cream base blends for the small to medium sized customers seeking to produce a cream efficiently and cost effectively.

Contact us to find out about your required products so that our specialists can assist you.