As a leading supplier to the pharmaceutical industry, Orkila has, over the years, assembled an impressive and wide-ranging portfolio of excipients covering all available pharmaceutical dosage forms in addition to a range of pharma-grade solvents and an ever increasing list of high quality APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).

Our emphasis on the highest level of customer-service is reflected in our responsiveness to customer needs reinforced by a strong technical competence which, when combined with our extensive distribution network and the quality of our products, enables Orkila to bring a significant added value to our customers and their product formulations.

APIs (Active pharmaceutical ingredients)

Orkila offers a broad range of APIs that covers different therapeutic classes. Our products meet the highest quality standards and are produced by reliable GMP certified manufacturers.

Excipients (Inactive ingredients)

Wide range of Excipients covering all pharmaceuticals dosage forms:

  • Oral: tablet, capsules, syrups etc.
  • Parentral (injectables): intravenous, intramascular etc.
  • Topical: cream, gel, ointments etc.
  • Inhalational: aerosol, inhaler etc.
  • Suppository: rectal, vaginal etc.

Natural Oils and Waxes

High quality vegetable oils and waxes for health care which comply with standard pharmaceutical monographs.


Complete portfolio of high purity Solvents meeting a wide range of product specifications and certifications.

Our product Ethanol is the only product worldwide that follows the USP 232 pharmacopeia.

Nutraceuticals & Food Supplements

Quality range of nutritional products that provide health and therapeutic benefits.


Desiccants and oxygen adsorbent packaging that can be tailored-made to fit your machinery and equipment as well as medical instruments and laboratory equipment.

Contact us to find out about your required products so that our specialists can assist you.