As a leading supplier of raw materials to the Plastic industry, Orkila offers a host of Plastic Products for a wide variety of applications including Automotive, Home Appliances, Electric and Electronics, Industrial Medical and so forth. These products comprise amongst others Specialty Plastics, Engineering Polymers, Additives, Compounds, Packaging and Commodity Polymers.

We represent a large number of well reputed and often international manufacturers of plastics and additives which we carefully select with a long term view so as to ensure that we supply our customers with high quality, consistent and reliable products. All of our materials are first extensively tested in field trials before being accepted into our product portfolio in order to adhere to our critical quality directive.

Coloring agents

We are able to supply standard RAL coloring systems or we can color match to your specific requirement.

Engineering Polymers

Performance polymers and compounds suitable to satisfy the mechanical and thermal specifications of high end applications as required in the electronic and electric industries, medical & healthcare,  and automotive, to name a few.

Polymer Fillers and Additives

We supply functional fillers and additives suitable for the stabilization of numerous polymers and resins. We also provide strong local technical support for these materials. Due to health, safety and environmental restrictions on certain compounds for specific applications, we have complemented our product range with alternative and effective materials.

Contact us to find out about your required products so that our specialists can assist you.