Orkila is a leading multinational company in sales, marketing and distribution of specialty chemicals. We offer a flexible, highly reactive service guaranteeing delivery within 24 hours from our local warehouses and in accordance with the industry standards of GDP and ISO 9001 (2008).

Orkila's regional business is around its key business segments, together with other industrial segments as individual market demand. Each of the business segments is led by a Business Segment Coordinator having a particular expertise and intensive experience in the products used and the processes employed by our customers and offered by our suppliers, The activities of each business segment are supported by the Group's functional divisions: finance, legal affairs, strategy and risk assessment, human resources and corporate communication.

Our highly qualified technical sales force are market focused specialists able to offer tailored solutions to our customers thus adding value to the comprehensive logistics network that form the core of the group’s activities.

The provision of customized solutions together with the Group’s purchasing access to a wide variety of sources worldwide enable Orkila to deliver the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.  

Through its dedicated team assigned to identifying new sources and new products and its experienced researchers delivering in-depth analysis of consumers, markets and industry trends, Orkila is a resilient organization capable of delivering growth opportunities for its customers and suppliers alike.

Orkila International
Rive Gauche Tower, 22nd floor
Corniche el Nahr
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: +961-3-103524
Email: info.headquarters@orkila.com

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